Violent Crime Law

Violent Crime Attorney in Austin, TX

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Violent crimes, like assault, family violence and aggravated assault, are among the more serious crimes in our legal system and carry with them the potential of severe consequences. If you've been charged with a violent crime, you should contact an attorney immediately to help you navigate the process. Charges of violent crimes can negatively affect many aspects of one's life, including family and employment. Assaultive offenses can range from the class C misdemeanor of simple assault all the way up to murder. Due to the lasting stigma of a conviction for a violent crime and the potentially crippling effect on a person's criminal history, contacting an attorney with knowledge and experience handling these type of cases is of paramount importance.

Compassionate Defense

The Law Office of Michelle Mays can provide both the compassionate support and rigorous defense you need if you have been arrested for or charged with a violent crime. Contacting an attorney immediately is an important step to protecting your rights and avoiding the pitfalls that could be faced if you attempt to resolve the situation on your own.

The Law Office of Michelle Mays is here to help you. From the jail release process to representation in court to resolution, counsel at The Law Office of Michelle Mays will do everything possible to attain the optimal result in your case.