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Have you been charged with an assault crime and are in need of legal assistance? The Law Office of Michelle Mays handles assault cases in Austin, Texas. For nearly a decade, Michelle Mays has helped a range of clients with their cases by providing insightful legal counsel and passionate courtroom representation. You can have a dedicated lawyer by your side right from the beginning when you contact our law office for your case.

Subheadline: Handling Class C charges to serious felonies

The Law Office of Michelle Mays can handle both misdemeanor and felony assault cases. We have worked with family violence cases involving domestic abuse. We've helped many individuals facing charges which involve higher emotional tension.

In Texas, assault and battery crimes are simply referred to as assault crimes. This can make the legal process a little different and complex - when there are already elevated emotions present in the courtroom. Trust that no matter complex or unique your case may be, you can trust that Michelle Mays will:

•Gather all relevant evidence surrounding the issue
•Use your testimony and other details to present your side
•Aggressively defend your rights in the courtroom

No matter how severe the charges, Michelle Mays will take on the case. Schedule a consultation with our experienced criminal assault lawyer in Austin, Texas today.